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How Do You Know When Your Child is Ready to Stop Napping?

This is a question I get daily. Most parents are ready to eliminate the nap not necessarily because they want to but because they are tired of fighting with their child for that nap so they assume, ‘my child must not need it’. That couldn’t be more untrue. A lot of times the nap is dropped secondary to going to school/daycare. Other times it’s secondary to another baby and their schedule. Others times it’s because, as I mentioned before, parents are tired of the ‘fight’ that ensues before, during and after naps. And finally, it can be to allow more flexibility in the schedule. Imagine trying to get anything done if your child still needs 2-3 naps/day!! But as we all know, sleep is vital to life and so necessary for proper development. THIS article gives very clear guidelines on when and how to eliminate naps. Find out if you have eliminated naps too soon and if so, let me know if you need help getting back on track.



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