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  • How can I make a free 15-minute consult appointment with Dr. Vyas?
    Click here to make an appointment based on your availability.
  • Who would benefit from more sleep?
  • Why should I hire a sleep consultant?
    To get individualized information to help assist your family in getting the most sleep as possible. There is lots of information on the internet available for you to access. However, it cannot be targeted to your specific family situation and your questions cannot be answered when you have them without an individual personal consultant to help you.
  • What age children does Dr. Vyas see?
    From pregnant moms that want to get their nurseries set up for optimal sleep for their little one to adolescents with sleep difficulties and every child in between.
  • What training does Dr. Vyas have?
    Dr. Vyas is a pediatrician who has completed medical training at an accredited United States Medical School, Louisiana State University, New Orleans. She completed her Pediatric Residency at Children's Hospital in New Orleans and is additionally board certified in Pediatrics.
  • How does this process work?
    You can start by scheduling a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Vyas here. During the call, your information will be reviewed and based on the details given in the call, a sleep package will be recommended that will help your family the most. On the same day as your phone call, you will be directed to a website to complete the disclaimer paperwork. After completion of the form, you will receive an email with all the available packages discussed and a method to schedule the consult that was recommended. You will also complete disclaimer paperwork, a sleep questionnaire as well as make payment in full. Then the real work begins. After the consultation, you will start to follow the rules outlined by Dr. Vyas in order to get your child sleeping and eating better. You will get multiple follow up emails as early as the day of your appointment with useful information. If you have questions on what is included, refer to the services section here or contact
  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not currently accept insurance but do accept payment from an HFA (Heath fund account). If you don't have that, Dr. Vyas is willing to work with you on price.
  • What will I have to do to make this work?
    That is a good question. Dr. Vyas prides herself on making sure that every client gets lots of support so that the client feels supported, heard and can implement the changes needed to ensure success. However, even though Dr. Vyas will provide you with the tools to reach your goals, you must be prepared to work. Just paying for the program will not change you, your perceptions, or underlying hard ingrained behavioral pathways that have lead to poor sleep habits and thus inadequate sleep. We will have to gradually work to eliminate the associations, however, it will take hard work to eliminate the bad habits and it will take time. You will have to log your progress and make adjustments on a daily basis until the goals are reached. If there is a regression, you will have to work harder in regaining control secondary to those changes. If you believe that you are GOING TO DO IT and you CAN DO IT, you will be all in. It will be the work you put in that will give you the results. Many people do think the money spent is a big motivator to actually do the work. But remember no program will work if you simply sign up and pay. You have to be involved, you will have to work, you will have to be active, persistent and consistent and Dr. Vyas will be there to help support you through the process.
  • Do I need to have my child present at the consultation?
    No, it is better if they are not there and if they need to be present because they are nursing or there is nowhere for them to go, then its best to have a caregiver designated for them so that the parents can pay attention to the consult. There is such a large volume of information presented at the consult that it is best if you are not distracted when listening. However, if this is not possible, we can still complete the consult but it may be more difficult.
  • I’m breastfeeding – is the sleep help you offer breastfeeding-friendly?
    Absolutely! It’s definitely OK to nurse for nutrition, however, if your child is nursing as a means to soothe-to-sleep, we will want to help your child eliminate their nurse-to-sleep association and continue to use nursing for nutrition. It is best to allow your child to self-soothe to sleep; mainly because they will need those skills throughout their life as well as those times when you are not with them. When you are ready to eliminate the nursing completely, it can be done gradually by eliminating the daytime feeds, then the feed right when he/she wakes up then the feed right before bed.
  • When should my child stop taking naps?
    This is a question I get daily. A lot of parents feel their kids are ‘non-stop’ and don't need naps or a lot of sleep. This is a huge misconception because this is when their bodies and brains grow. This is when they develop. A lot of kids are ‘all riled up’ from being overtired and overstimulated. Most parents are ready to eliminate the nap not necessarily because they want to but because they are tired of fighting with their child for that nap so they assume, ‘my child must not need it’. That couldn’t be more untrue. A lot of times the nap is dropped secondary to going to school/daycare. Other times it’s secondary to another baby and their schedule. Other times it’s because, as I mentioned before, parents are tired of the ‘fight’ that ensues before, during and after naps. And finally, it can allow more flexibility in the schedule if the nap is eliminated. Imagine trying to get anything done if your child still needs 2-3 naps/day!! But as we all know, sleep is vital to life and tremendously necessary for proper development. Reach out to us hereto find out if you have eliminated naps too soon and if so, if you need help getting back on track.
  • How do I eliminate overnight feeds?
    Hunger can be a factor in night wakings especially during a growth spurt, so it is important to monitor feeds during the night time and if you find that your child is waking multiple times and truly feeding at night, they may not be ready to sleep through the night without a feed. However, if your child is not getting adequate caloric needs because they are up multiple times at night and drinking at night, then you know it is time to stop those nighttime feeds to encourage more intake during the day as opposed to at night. This will become more clear as your child starts to get more intake during the day and more sleep during the day. Getting him/her on the proper schedule will help clarify those things.
  • Is my purchase secure and guaranteed?
    See our Refund Policy HERE.
  • How long do I have to use my services?
    Each service has different time frames with most of them being 6 weeks in duration. After you book, you will receive a client expectations sheet that will entail exactly how long your service will last. The package can be paused once/service.
  • Do you work on weekends?
    Most of our consults take place on the weekdays between the hours of 9-5pm CST. Dr. Vyas may make expeptions for certain clients. Make an appointment at to discuss further.
  • How long will it take my child to learn?
    Of course, every child is different, but typically how long a child takes to ‘learn’ is more dependent on how long it will take to ‘unlearn’ the bad sleep habits that were created. Some kids learn within a few days while others take a few weeks. It is also dependent on how fast and how consistently the parents implement the changes.
  • Will my child cry?
    There are many sleep training strategies that you will see online or be advised to follow from friends and family that worked for them. But you need to put into practice the strategies that reflect your parenting style and schedule. Additionally, the goal is to undo bad habits and associations in a gentle and safe manner with the fewest tears as possible. Your baby may cry as a way to indicate to you that he is unhappy with what you are doing. But if the foundatin of sleep and feeidng is established as you work to undo the badhabits, the amount of teas is minimized. Crying is one of the ways babies communicate. But with our gradual approach, we try to minimize the number of tears so that everyone is happier but still successful!
  • How do I get help for a sibling?
    Sleepless offers a sibling plan! This plan is for 2 siblings of varying ages (from 13 weeks-13yrs). The Sleepless in NOLA Gold Siblings includes ((TWO) 2-Hour Video Consultations (That is two full hours dedicated to each child), Video Evaluation of your children's rooms,(6) Twenty Minute Support Calls, A/V File of both 2-Hour Consultations, and support calls. Downloadable Workbook that will outline the steps of the consult and how to move you through the process, Dr. Vyas' Recommended Tools List and immediate access to a private Facebook Group where you will have the support of other families who are currently enrolled or have completed a Sleepless in NOLA Program
  • Can my package be transferred?
    No. But can be discussed on a case by case basis. Please contact us at HERE.
  • What do I do about traveling and time zone changes?
    When traveling, sleep is always tricky and can be challenging. The goal is to maintain consistency as much as possible. Try not to skip naps and do late bedtimes, if possible. If it is a must, try to only skip the nap and keep the regular bedtime or do a later bedtime and ensure that your child has gotten the nap. A lot of times, parents get inconsistent on vacation and then no one ends up having a good time because the child is cranky and overtired. Sometimes it is hard to allow (or listen) to your child crying on vacation because you may be traveling with others or staying with others. In that scenario, you may have to 'break the rules' and allow him to fall asleep with you or put him down after you've rocked him to sleep. But, if you can try to maintain putting him to sleep in the same fashion that you do at home, he will best respond to it and there will be fewer 'redos' when you get back home. So ensure you get him sleeping before he is overtired and bring his sleep props with you when traveling.
  • What if we are not successful?
    Obviously every case is different and will be discussed on a case by case basis. Click HERE for our Refund Policy. Click HERE to contact us.
  • What if I need more help? What are my options?
    If you are unsure what consultation will suit your family best, please make a free 15-minute consult appointment HERE and Dr. Vyas will personally guide you further.
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