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Is your family getting enough sleep?

We'll email you our Target Sleep by Age Chart so you may see if your child is getting the recommended hours of sleep needed. 

Welcome to Sleepless in NOLA. If you have an infant or child that is not taking quality naps or sleeping well through the night, Dr. Vyas, a board certified Pediatrician and Sleep Coach, can help. She offers a personalized sleep plan and recommendations that can be put into practice immediately. After consulting with her, you will enjoy quality free time, not only with your spouse but with your children because they will be sleeping the required and adequate amount of time during the day as well as per night. 

Who needs a good night's sleep?

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Give the gift of sleep all year round!

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We had the opportunity to work with Dr. Vyas [while] in New Orleans and she was a lifesaver. Our daughter had an ear infection and we were amidst the tricky decision of switching from two naps a day to one a day. We were also in a foreign house in a different time zone and struggling with settling a new sleep pattern. Dr. Vyas jumped to the ready and helped us through the transition. She gave us the confidence to have conviction around our decisions and navigate a tough period. I highly recommend Sleepless In NOLA for anyone looking for some shut-eye with young ones.

Adrienne Lolan Frischhertz

Dr. Vyas helped us tremendously with my first child. She was still waking frequently at almost 18 months and my husband and I (and our daughter!) were beyond exhausted. When my second daughter was born, we were confident that she would be a better sleeper, or at least that we'd be better prepared to help her. And then she WASN'T a sleeper and she didn't respond to the same interventions our first daughter did. Dr. Vyas helped us to understand and respect her differences, and has worked tirelessly with us to make changes that help us all as a family. She is super knowledgeable, very kind, yet firm when we need it to see success. My husband and I feel that she is truly invested in our success- she continues to check in on us! If you are considering working with her, just do it! You'll be amazed at the support and confidence she will give you!

Mahershala Ali

With warm Southern hospitality, Dr. Vyas made a same day house call, right before a winter trip to cold NY. Our daughter had her first cold and we saw symptoms that were new to us as first-time parents. Happily, our daughter was fine but [we] walked away with a rich resource about better sleep rituals, feeding, and learning the cues of our little one better. We are excited for our upcoming consultation and feel Dr. Vyas has many tools we need that are simple and practical.

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