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Newborn Testimonials

"Only 3 weeks in and everyone is sleeping better and happier!"

Ginny Smith Stegner, 5 wk boy, Fort Worth, TX

We consulted with Dr. Vyas when our son was 5 weeks old. Our goal was to have a game plan to create a solid foundation for good sleep (and also sleep through the night when he’s ready). The consult included my husband and it was SO important for both of us to be on that call. We are on the same page and have a much better understanding after talking to Dr. Vyas. She patiently answered all of our questions and provided valuable insight. Only 3 weeks in and everyone is sleeping better and happier! Dr. Vyas set us up with a fool proof sleep plan and we are so thankful! At least once a day one of says... “What would Dr. Vyas say?” and back to the sleep plan we go for reference. I highly recommend getting a game plan early on with Dr. Vyas if you are first time parents who want a strategy and piece of mind that you WILL sleep again.

"Dr Vyas is a gem."

Dr Elizabeth Foley Bucher, 8 wk boy, New Orleans, LA

Dr. Vyas helped us get our infant on a routine that helped him get the sleep he needed during the day so he could go longer stretches at night, which I desperately needed in order to go back to work. With an older child still under 2, I was having a hard time focusing on the baby and his cues. Dr Vyas spent a lot of time with me understanding our days and nights and what was working and not working. The baby responded well to the routine she proposed for him and that made our lives more predictable and less sleep deprived! Dr Vyas has such a calm and kind and pleasant demeanor and that goes a long way when you're a sleep deprived crazy mom. She was so responsive to my follow up questions and troubleshooting needs and I really felt like she was genuinely concerned about our baby and family, even though I know she's busy helping many families at once. Altogether professional, compassionate, competent, smart, knowledgeable, and kind, Dr Vyas is a gem and I'm so glad she's here doing this great work!

"We were given the tools to sleep train her before bad habits were created."

Shannon Bernard Bourg, 4 wk girl, New Orleans, LA

Dr. Vyas is a great resource for parents! She was recommend by a friend (who is also a doctor). I reached out to her while expecting our daughter and she gave us really great advice on how we should set up our nursery for the best sleep possible. When our daughter was four weeks old Dr. Vyas made a house call to discuss our sleep goals, understand our lifestyle, meet the baby & to see the nursery. She gave us suggestions on how to tweak the nursery for optimal sleep and created a plan for us. Our daughter adapted very well to the plan & Dr. Vyas was readily available for guidance as we implemented her plan. We were given the tools to sleep train her properly and effectively before bad habits were created. She learned to self soothe herself easily to sleep with little to no fuss. By the time I went back to work at 8 weeks, our baby had only one feeding during the night & because she could self soothe we were back in bed in about 20 minutes. She is now almost six months old and is still doing well. We had to make a couple of tweaks due to teething and no more swaddling but Dr Vyas helped us with this transition too.

"My baby's sleep improved immensely."

Dr Moke Mochache, 9 wk girl, Ontario Canada

Dr Vyas is excellent. Easy to talk to and is thorough. I learnt a lot and my baby's sleep improved immensely with just a few suggestions from her. I would highly recommend her.

"My husband just kept saying, who is this baby?"

Dr Pam Lewis Williams, 11 wk boy, Baton Rouge. LA

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Vyas with Sleepless in Nola!" I contacted her when my son was 11 weeks old. I was tired, desperate, and considering cry it out, when I saw an ad here on FB about her business. When I emailed her, she immediately got back with me and we set up a consult on Skype, as I am not in NOLA. Before the consult, she had told me she expected my child to take 4-5 naps daily, and sleep at least 10 hours during the night, not straight through. My husband and I just laughed at this idea and said, "not our baby", as I had already read multiple books to help us, with no luck. During the consult, she took a very detailed history of everything that was going on since his birth and all of his sleep habits (or lack thereof). After this, she informed me that my child was truly sleep deprived, and that was causing a lot of the problem. She was very realistic about our goals again. She let us know that, even if we wanted to, he was not ready for cry it out. She was going to help us avoid that altogether. She was also honest with us letting us know, that we shouldn't expect him to sleep through the night just yet. By the latter part of the 2 hour consult, she could tell that I was very frustrated and discouraged. As I began crying over Skype because my child was doing his usual screaming in the evening, she was very encouraging that we could get through this. As I began to blame myself for why my child wasn't sleeping enough, she sat with me and offered several suggestions on things I could try so I wouldn't have to wake him up so early and I still spend some time with him in the evening. She could see that I was truly struggling with the guilt of being a busy physician and a new mom, feeling like I was neglecting my baby by working so much. She kept telling me that if we followed her plan, the baby would be happier and sleeping more, and I would also feel better. The next day, she emailed me my sleep plan. (She said it would take about a week for me to get it the plan, but I think she saw how badly and quickly I needed help). This plan was very detailed, down to how we should adjust things in his room, how I could tell caregivers at daycare, etc. She also offered support throughout the first week of implementing the plan. The first full day went very well. My baby fell into this schedule very quickly. Well let me rephrase. I fell into learning my child's natural schedule very quickly. He went from an average of 9-11 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, to 14-16 hours!! My husband just kept saying "who is this baby". We are able to put him down easily for naps, with very minimal crying. Now when my baby wakes, he wakes happy!!! When he wakes at night, we feed him and he goes back to sleep quickly, and often on his own. Don't get me wrong.. We have had some glitches. But when we did, Dr Vyas was there for support. She was constantly available to help us troubleshoot so we could try and fix the problem. This was absolutely priceless. Though I had read books and online suggestions, there is nothing like being able to get support from the person who gives you the plan/advice. She let us know that every nap or sleep cycle every day wont be perfect, but I can definitely say most days are GREATLY IMPROVED! I feel like Dr Nilong's support is one of the best aspects of her business! Again, the sleep plan was very detailed, but she texted daily, sometimes twice a day, to check on us and see how things were going. All of my questions were always answered, either by email, text, or phone call. My husband, baby and I are all very appreciative of Dr Vyas' help! I let her know if he doesn't transition to sleeping through the night on his own, we would definitely call her back. She gave me some suggestions to get this done on my own. This showed me that she truly cares about babies and families getting rest, not about just making money. I would HIGHLY recommend Sleepless in Nola to every expecting mom, as she offers a prenatal service, so you can get prepared. If your baby isn't sleeping by 9-10 weeks, definitely call her!" Again, we can thank you enough!!

"We can't thank you enough, Dr. Vyas!"

Megan Lane Clark, 11 wk boy, Metairie, LA

We worked with Dr. Vyas to develop a plan and routine for our 11 week old who would only sleep when held. She immediately helped us identify the cues our baby was giving us that we hadn't been looking for. After explaining her ideas and what to expect sleep wise for an 11 week old we developed a plan to fit our family's schedule. Once we had the schedule, knew the cues and had a plan everything began to fall into place. Because watching his cues worked so well there was no "crying it out" and honestly the amount of crying in our house dropped significantly. He is now able to sleep well without being held and I can tell he is getting a more restful sleep (and so are we). If your kids struggling with sleep issues I would highly recommend working with Dr. Vyas! She provided great accountability and coaching along the way. We can't thank you enough, Dr. Vyas!

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