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I'm exhausted. My Newborn won't sleep!

We can help. Scroll down to see details on our Newborn Sleep Services.

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​This program is for you if you want to set your baby, AGES
0-12 weeks, up for successful sleeping.

Graduate Newborn

Have you previously participated in the Newborn Program and need continued support now that your baby is 13weeks or older?

Newborn Booking

Newborn Program

You will receive a 2-hour consultation (at your home or via Skype or Facetime) which includes a detailed medical history about:


  • The pregnancy, delivery, and overall birth history;

  • Current or past medications, hospitalizations, surgeries; and

  • A thorough social, behavioral as well as developmental history.


In addition, during the consultation, you will discuss with Dr. Vyas:


  • Your child’s current diet, schedule, routine and any changes that have or will be occurring in those areas.

  • The goals you want to achieve for your child’s sleep, diet, and schedule and how to best achieve those goals for your family in a caring, nurturing and gentle format.

  • Current sleep problems in regard to initiation of sleep, staying asleep and other issues that surround the child’s sleep.


A personalized “Newborn” sleep plan, which you will receive in an extremely thorough, written format via email within two weeks of your consultation that specifically addresses:


  • How to implement good sleep habits in your new baby, what to look for as your baby grows, understand what you can expect your newborn to be capable of in regards to sleeping through the night, as well as establishing routines and other questions you may have about newborn sleep.

  • Naps (length and quantity, now and as your child ages);

  • The exact routine to maximize proper success with sleeping, night wakings, bedtime, plus your child’s ideal schedule.

  • Sample feeding and sleeping schedules as your child ages.

  • A list of tools that you can use to further improve your child’s sleeping environment.


During the implementation of the sleep plan and beyond:


  • Email support will be offered for four weeks after consultation to make sure you are on track and have all questions addressed. It is the client's responsibility to reach out with any questions that you may have. Emails will be responded to within one business day.

  • A newborn is NOT capable of ‘sleeping through the night’ (12 hours straight without a feed) at this age. However, once the child is 16 weeks old and at least 13lbs you can opt for an evaluation and continued support on how to get the child ‘sleeping through the night’. Refer to the “GRADUATE NEWBORN PROGRAM” and the cost is an additional $450 to complete.




Dr. Vyas aims for the success of her families and is willing to work with you until all questions are answered and you are satisfied with the results. If the consult goes beyond the 2 hours allotted, due to a more complicated family situation, there is an additional charge of $75/half hour. The consult can occur either at your home, a location of your choice, or Facetime/Skype if you are not in the New Orleans area. It is best to meet at your home, if possible, so Dr. Vyas can offer advice on changes that may need to be made in your baby’s bedroom to facilitate optimal sleep. If a home visit is not possible, completing the process via Skype/Facetime is equally successful. It is preferred to meet with both partners to ensure that we are on the same page. If it’s not possible due to scheduling; meeting with one partner is manageable.


Newborn Program Pricing

  • Single Child: $595

2-hour consult at your home (or via Skype or Facetime), detailed, personalized sleep plan, and 4 weeks of follow-up.


  • Multiples: $695

3-hour consult at your home (or via Skype or Facetime), personalized sleep plan, and 4 weeks of follow-up for each child.

Graduate Newborn Program

Graduate Bookin
If you have previously participated in the Newborn Program and need continued support to get your child sleeping through the night, this is the plan for your family. 
  • Child: $450
1-hour consult via phone, modified personalized sleep plan, on-call assistance during implementation and 6 weeks of follow-up.
  • Multiples: $450

1.5-hour consult via phone, modified personalized sleep plan, on-call assistance during implementation and 6 weeks of follow-up for each child.

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