Toddler 13-23 Months

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LOVEY: Find a lovey, whether it is a small stuffed animal, a very small lovey blanket or even a ripped up old t-shirt of yours that your child can become attached to and thus associate with sleeping. You can also put your child’s crib sheet into your t-shirt drawer for a day so it gets your smell on.  “Wear” this lovey (place it in your bra for a couple of hours per day for a few days before you implement the schedule changes so that it gets your smell on it, or sleep with it). The lovey should be something that is portable and easy to replace if needed. It is good to have several so they can be switched out if needed if one is soiled. Even if your child doesn't need or want a lovey, simply use it daily with each nap and bedtime during the pre-soothing period (when you are rocking and singing to them) so they start to associate it with sleep. This should be done as soon as possible. Feel free to use Wubbanub (paci loveys) listed below or something that you have already. This lovey should stay in the child’s room where they sleep at all times. It should not be used as a play object outside of the bedroom. Most importantly the lovey should NOT be put into the crib (or bassinet) with the child. Rather, it is used so that the child connects and associates the lovey with the potential of sleep during the pre-soothing process before the child is placed into the crib. 

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe.jpeg
Elephant Blanket Lovey.jpeg

PACIFIERS: It's good to have multiple pacis. Use this or any kind your child takes to. Even though the baby will be unable to put the pacifier into their mouth on their own, litter the crib with lots of pacis so they can be used as needed by the caregivers. It is advisable to wait to introduce the pacifier until breastfeeding is established (1-2 weeks). But if the child is fussy and it is known that a good feed was had, then it is fine to offer a paci for comfort.​

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CRIB TEETHING GUARD: This helps eliminate your child from chewing on the wooden crib rail as they are pulling to stand especially when teething. 

Gummi Crib Rail Cover.jpeg