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Child 9-12 Years

Wake time and bedtime should be 13.5 hours apart. If you wish to have an earlier or later wake time, please adjust naptime/bedtime and scheduling increments accordingly.


  • 7 am: Wake up, Eat.  All meals and snacks at the table. Get dressed/ready for school. If it's a weekend day, then Play.

  • 8 am: School.

  • 10 am: Snack. 

  • 12 pm: Lunch. 

  • 330-530pm: Home*. Snack. Skip snacks at this time if it will make them too full for dinner. 

  • 7 pm: Dinner.  

  • 730pm: Bath, Brush teeth.  

  • 8pm: Bedtime routine: Read books, turn on a night light, turn off the overhead light, talk about the day, cuddle, say good night and leave. 

  • 830pm: Sleep. If the child is not asleep by 830pm, it may be closer to 10 before the child is able to fall asleep. Be mindful of this and get them to sleep before they go into an alert cycle. 


*This is obviously difficult if your child is in sports or other activities after school but try to focus on getting the child to sleep as soon as possible upon returning home. If that means offering dinner before sports and a quick snack upon arriving home and getting homework done on the way to practice, etc. 

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