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Child 6-8 Years

Wake time and bedtime should be 12 hours apart. If you wish to have an earlier or later wake time, please adjust naptime/bedtime and scheduling increments accordingly.


  • 7 am: Wake up, Eat.  All meals and snacks at the table, in the seat. Get dressed/ready for school. If it's a weekend day, then Play.

  • 8 am: School.

  • 10 am: Snack. 

  • 12 pm: Lunch. 

  • 330-5 pm: Home. Try to skip the snack once it is closer to 5 pm so it doesn't make the child too full for dinner. 

  • 530pm: Dinner.  

  • 6 pm: Bath/Shower, Can skip the bath or offer it earlier in the day if coming home from school earlier. Brush teeth. 

  • 630pm: Bedtime routine (PRE-SOOTHING): Turn on a lamp or overhead light, draw curtains closed, turn on the sound machine, put on pajamas, sit on rocker/bed/floor, read books, turn on night light, turn off the overhead light, sing songs, (it’s OK to rock/lay until a little drowsy). Try to keep all of the time spent after bath to be calming and quieting. When cuddling or laying in bed with your child, use the sand timer to set the amount of cuddle time. Tailor this process to you, your child, and the amount of time that's available to devote to this. 

  • 7pm: Sleep. If you miss 7 pm bedtime, next time the child will be capable of sleeping will be 830pm. If your child is not sleepy at 7 pm, then 830 should be when the child is asleep, not when you are attempting bedtime. 

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