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Help, I'm Pregnant!

This program is for you if you are pregnant and want to set your baby up for successful sleeping from day one.

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Pregnancy Program

This program includes a 2-hour consultation which includes a detailed medical history about:


  • Pregnancy and any complications you may have experienced;

  • An explanation of tools that are useful before and after the baby is born;

  • Advice on how to set up your registry so that you may request items which are most useful in aiding in feeding and sleep once the baby comes; and

  • A thorough look at your nursery space or sleeping area for the baby and recommendations on how to set it up so as to have an ideal sleeping environment for baby.


In addition, during the consultation, Dr. Vyas will discuss: 


  • Your future child’s diet, schedule, and routine that you should strive for from the beginning.

  • The goals you want to achieve for your child’s sleep, diet, and schedule, and how to best achieve those goals for your family in a caring, nurturing and gentle format.


A personalized Pregnancy Plan, which you will receive in an extremely thorough, written format via email within two weeks of your consultation, specifically addresses all the information discussed in the consult and:


  • Potential sleep problems and pitfalls in regard to initiation of sleep, staying asleep and other issues that can surround the child’s sleep.

  • How you can implement good sleep habits in your new baby, what to look for as your baby grows, understanding what you can expect your newborn to be capable of, as well as establishing routines and other questions you may have about newborn sleep.

  • Tools that are useful in achieving good sleeping conditions.




  • A 4 week follow up support via email is also included if any new problems arise during the pregnancy. It is the client's responsibility to reach out with any questions that you may have.

  • If continued support on how to improve feeding and sleeping habits is required once the baby is born and turns 4 weeks of age, refer to the “NEWBORN PROGRAM” to see what is included in that process.  The cost is an additional $350 to complete that process.


Pregnancy Program Pricing:


  • Single Child: $395: 2-hour consult at your home (or via Skype or Facetime), detailed, personalized sleep plan, and 4 weeks of follow-up.

  • Multiples: $495, 2-hour consult at your home (or via Skype or Facetime), personalized sleep plan, and 4 weeks of follow-up for each child.

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