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Melatonin for Kids' Sleep Issues

The Sleep Periodical Volume 4  | Issue 6

Melatonin has been shown to cause improvement in certain children with certain sleep disorders, such as delayed sleep phase disorder and circadian rhythm disorders, For neurodiversity children, those with ADHD, and those with jetlag.

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7News’ Adrianna Hopkins spoke with me

I warn about the routine use of melatonin for kids' sleep. I said, “The body senses that and says, ‘Hey, I already have enough of that; I don't need to produce it.’ And so it feeds back and says, ‘Hey, we’re producing too much.’ And so over time, when the product is excessively ingested, It creates potential problems. The body realizes that there's a lot more hormone available, so they stop their production, and then they become dependent on that higher dose.”

I said that some families have difficulty maintaining a sleep routine during the summer months, but as best as you can: see this Article to know more


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